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kim so-eun

Kim So-eun

Kim So-eun is a South Korean actress. She rose to fame in the popular television drama Boys Over Flowers.

Kim So-eun facts & data

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  • Birthplace
    NamyangjuSouth Korea
  • Nationality
    South Korea
  • Height
  • Profession
  • Schools
    Chung-Ang University
  • TV Characters Played
    Yuki MatsuokaJeong Yoo-jin
  • Age
    age 26
  • Also Known As

    김소은So-eun KimGim So-eun金昭誾Kim So-ŭn

    Credits (TV)

    Boys Over FlowersA
    Thousand Kisses
    The King’s Doctor
    He Who Can’t Marry
    Credits (Film)

    The Show Must Go On
    Mourning Grave

    Kim So Eun Denies Dating Son Ho Joon

    Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim may be the most well known couple in the historical backdrop of “We Got Married” yet their onscreen relationship could be into a bad situation.

    On-screen character Kim So Eun, known for her parts in “Young men Over Flowers,” and “The Liar Game,” has been seen with on-screen character Son Ho Joon, who is right now showing up on “Three Meals A Day – Fishing Village.” He was most recently seen in the dramatizations “Jog Lovers” and “Full Sun.”

    The Korean news outlet The Fact shot the performers together in Hanamdong and Gangnam, inferring they were out on the town. The two were additionally seen drinking together in Chungdamdong on February 7 and later went to Son Ho Joon’s home.

    Her office, Fantagio, affirmed that the on-screen characters did get to know each other yet that they were only companions investing energy with different companions.

    “We affirmed that in the wake of leaving the eatery, they moved to Son Ho Joon′s house to join their companions,” said the Fantagio delegate. “They were with numerous individuals at the time.”

    Dating is emphatically demoralized by the makers of “We Got Married” and could prompt being rejected from the show. Fantagio discharged an announcement on February 9 demanding that the on-screen character is not dating.

    “We’ve affirmed that the dating gossipy tidbits between Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon, which were accounted throughout today, are false.”

    Kim So Eun’s organization said that the two initially met through a shared companion at an official setting and got to be companions.

    “More than drawing near as a man and lady, they were amidst actually developing their companionship as kindred on-screen characters when the dating bits of gossip surfaced,” said the Fantagio agent.

    The organization said that Kim So Eun is very much aware of her obligations while shooting the truth show and she was extremely watchful getting together with Son, which sadly prompted a misconception.

    “We ask that no hypotheses and mistaken assumptions emerge from this.”

    In this way, the makers of “We Got Married” have decided to accept Kim So Eun.

    We Got Married” maker Sun Hye Yoon told the Korean media outlet Osen that the performer denied the relationship and they will acknowledge that. On the off chance that there were even the likelihood that her activities may endanger the earnestness of the project, the show’s makers would make the fundamental move.

    “Since she is extremely very much aware of the harm that could be brought about by dating while on the show, I accept that she would not act imprudently,” said Sun.

    The performing artists do have a booked shoot and it will continue as arranged.

    It’s not the first occasion when that the show’s makers have confronted a dating embarrassment. In January, Hong Jung Hyun, who shows up on another version of “We Got Married,” was included in a dating outrage with After School’s Nana. He was combined up with Girl’s Day’s Yura on the show. Hong Jung Hyun denied he was dating Nana and the show kept taping.

    In 2013 Oh Yeon Seo was reputed to be dating kindred performing artist Lee Jang Woo while showing up on “We Got Married” with Lee Joon. She swore that she was not by any means dating Lee Jang Woo and apologized to Lee Joon for including him in the embarrassment. Netizens were annoyed with what they saw to be Oh Yeon Seo’s selling out and requested her rejection from the projec

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