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Carla Smith

When Carla Smith landed in Atlanta she immediately got involved in her community, which at the time was slowly transitioning from a community of vacant and abandoned homes, drugs and other criminal activity to a very diverse community of families, ...


Linda Jeffrey

Mayor Linda Jeffrey has an established track record in public service both at the municipal and provincial levels. During her 20-year tenure in the political field, she served as a Brampton City Councillor for four consecutive terms from 1991- ...


Catryna Bilyk

Born in Tasmania, and having lived there for most of her life Catryna Bilyk was elected as a Labor Senator for Tasmania in November 2007 taking her seat in the Senate on 1 July 2008. She was re-elected in September 2013 and again in the double ...

Ben Sesse

Ben Sesse

  Nebraska Senator Ben Sesse was elected to the Senate in 2015.  He is a chief advisor of health policy issues ranging from affordable healthcare access to food safety and security.   Birth and family status of Benjamin Sesse: Sesse was born ...